Patrick Farrell


What can Patrick Farrell say about himself that “BANNED” posters in the back of Atlanta’s Gentlemen’s Clubs and his assortment of Eric Cartman figurines haven’t already? Maybe that he got into advertising the same way everyone does: because he just wasn’t that good at anything else.

To fill the deep, crushing void in his life that not being good at anything else presented, Patrick attended the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA. From there, he landed at VML in KC where he helmed primary copywriting duties for the NAPA AUTO PARTS Racing Team and their NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott. He also helped launch an in-house athletic wear brand for Dick’s Sporting Goods by making a coupon that weighs 100 LBS. Wildly enough, that steel-forged behemoth made rounds at awards shows near and far eventually catching the eyes of the mental patients at the asylum officially known as M/H VCCP.