Margaret Furth

Account Director

Margaret loves working on small teams that do GIANT work, which makes her a perfect fit for M/H VCCP. Before joining the team, she bounced back and forth between Chicago and San Francisco, making dreams come true at O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul, Pereira & O’Dell, and Digitas.

As the middle child, Margaret grew up as the "fixer" of the family. Usually you would go to your mom with problems, but in Margaret's case, she was the family consultant. Margaret saw problems before they started. Resolved conflicts in peaceful ways. And by the time it was time to ship off for college, she had earned a Masters in family business affairs.

Margaret calls Kansas home, but wants everyone in the world to know that even though they have award-winning BBQ sauce, it should not be considered the south. Oh, and if you ever want to know the password to her heart program, enter gin, tonic, pickles. And not necessarily in that order.