Laura Dickie

Art Director

At any second, the banana phone could call. Raffi is on the other end. He asks a favor, a dire request, the circumstances less than ideal, and the mission impossible. But you’ve waited your whole life for this moment. Or you could just be holding a banana like a phone for a prop shoot. Not all great ideas make sense. But nothing really make sense after you go to a school that has Circus in the name. And from those humble beginnings in Atlanta, GA (by way of Texas,) Laura can now make sense of brands like Audi, Purplebricks, Intel and more with her copywriting partner, Mark Donnelly, at M/H VCCP.

Prior to her time in San Francisco, she worked in LA and Boulder on Kraft,, Infiniti, Dominos, YouTube, Microsoft and Google. Outside of the office, Laura spends all year waiting to celebrate her birthday with Baby Spice. No, not together, but the same date, so kinda together— in spirit anyway. But whatever you do, don’t ask her what her favorite animal is, because you don’t have enough time. Seriously. You don’t.