Kinda Loughran

Junior Copywriter

Kinda (kin-duh) is a copywriter from New York who spends a small part of each day cursing her parents for giving her a name that people find impossible to pronounce thanks to 20th century vernacular and the contraction of the words “kind of.”

She spent four years in Savannah, Georgia at SCAD where she picked up a penchant for sweet tea, a habit of saying “y’all,” and found more people who just could not pronounce her name.

After moving to San Francisco for an internship at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, she met her creative partner Miranda, who too at first struggled with the basic phonetics involved in the pronunciation of her name. Together they work on M/H VCCP on a variety accounts such as Audi and StubHub.

She is the butt of many jokes. She will applaud you if you can come up with one she hasn’t heard before.

Her biggest regret in life is not trying harder to make it onto the Olympic Badminton team. (Where had she won, they likely would have mispronounced her name on the podium anyways.)