Colleen Horne

Art Director

Colleen's advertising career began in 6th grade, when she placed in the 54th percentile for mathematics.

She continued her education of not-math at Northwestern University and Columbia University, studying Art History, French, Architecture, Urban Studies, and Bread.

Upon graduating college, Colleen did the smartest thing she's ever done. She googled "how to make money with an art history degree," and stumbled on the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.

After two crazy years at the Circus, Colleen accepted a position at Leo Burnett, where she worked on Allstate insurance, Firestone tires, Purina pet food, Kellogg’s cereal, and the Art Institute of Chicago (thank god for that one).

Four winters in Chicago is enough winters in Chicago, so she migrated west to San Francisco with her girlfriend, their dog, and a TW200.

When she's not providing clients with creative solutions for their business problems at M/H VCCP, Colleen enjoys cooking shrimp, reading the newspaper, paying off her student loans, riding her bike, bicep curls, tennis, and cigars.

Colleen would like to thank you for reading all of this.