Alison Beck


Born in Washington State to two liberal arts graduates who were unfailingly supportive of her dreams, it took Alison a very long time to construct a dream that was financially viable. Now that she has, she is thrilled that someone will pay her to agonize over seemingly minor details and order people around.

Alison came to M/H VCCP by way of Los Angeles, where she lived in shallow bliss for 13 years, until the summers became too hot and she remembered that she enjoys spending time with her family. It was at M/H VCCP that she discovered the joys of unmitigated office dog anarchy; romping, frolicking, peeing gleefully on the floor while maintaining intense eye contact with someone. The dogs were also a bit out of control.

Outside of work Alison enjoys not checking her email, gazing lovingly at her pets while they try to nap and disappearing into the woods to spend long periods of time not talking to anyone. If you are looking for her at a party she either left already or is somewhere petting the dog.