Les Top Beats of July 2016

We saw POTUS was getting some social media traction for posting his playlist, so we took a page right out of Barry’s book. Check in monthly for a round up of the MUH•TAY•ZIK  HOF•FER San Francisco office top hits. To be completely transparent, only a few people even fully understand how to add songs to Sonos. Knowledge is power and the key to creating earworms for your coworkers.

1 – Blood Orange This will do until the new Frank Ocean comes out.

Top 3 Songs:
  • Best To You
  • Augustine
  • You’re Not Good Enough
2 – Chance The (possible best of all time) Rapper Chance is possibly the most liked figure in the music world right now. People have differing opinions about Yeezy, Weezy, Jeezy, and Taylor, but everyone loves Chance. His Chicago roots are deeply intertwined with gospel music and he’s worked with the best in the biz this year. If you’d like to enjoy Chance’s greatest hits, stop by the sixth floor any Friday after 2pm.
Top 3 Songs:
  • No Problem
  • Somewhere in Paradise
  • Smoke Break

3 – Drake I think I’d lie for you, I think I’d die for you.

Top 3 Songs:

  • Anything with Future
  • Energy
  • Too Good
4 – Beyonce Whenever you ask yourself, who is the one person you want to feel like right now? The answer should be ALWAYS BEYONCE. You just got in the office and your inbox is already overwhelmed with tasks and requests—It’s time to play Beyonce, channel your inner Sasha Fierce, and slay the day. You feel a bit nervous about a huge client presentation you’re leading—It’s time to let Beyonce’s voice remind you what you’re made of. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon and you’re starting to feel sleepy at work—It’s time to blast Beyonce’s powerful soulful tunes. A group of coworkers want to go to happy hour on a Friday, and you’re waiting for a few to wrap up a project—It’s time to bust out Beyonce’s dance hits because you’re about to bounce for the weekend.
Top 3 songs:
  • Ego (Kanye West Remix)
  • Run the World (Girls)
  • Flawless

5 – Radiohead is like pizza. Some people like Sicilian. Others like thin and crispy. (Weird) people like Chicago deep-dish. And of course, there are those that like them all. Radiohead can be rock, electronic, drone, acoustic, instrumental. Some people love one genre. Others love them all. Just like pizza. Listen to Radiohead with your headphones on because the whole office will probably hate Thom Yorke’s voice and change it to Elton John radio.

Best Album: In Rainbows
Top 3 Songs:
  • Idioteque
  • Reckoner
  • Fake Plastic Trees

And if you’re interested to see what it sounded like in our office last month, we made a playlist of our faves for your listening pleasure.